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How To-Blog

It has been a little over 2 months ago since I started this blog. I started this blog for one reason and one reason only… I had to for class. It sounded easy enough, make one 250 post a week about anything you want. Little did I know that I would actually come to enjoy it. I have never been the writing type, but there is just a feeling of satisfaction that comes with completing a blog. If blogging is something you are interested in, here is how.


Find A Site

Different websites make blogging very easy and free. As you can see I use WordPress and it does not cost me a dime. Some other popular ones are Blogger and Tumbler. Do some research and see which one you like the best.




Once you have selected a blogging site make your profile. Add information about yourself and build your profile. This helps the audience reading your blog connect with you the blogger. It is also at this time you should establish a theme for your blog. Maybe it is sports, traveling or just a way to express yourself. Whatever it is make it know in the title of your blog site. As you can see, mine is about completely random information everyone needs to know.


Tips On Posting


Lists: People like lists of things, whether it is the top 5 places to eat or how to do something.

Pictures: Pictures add a visual appeal along with color. This helps people see and better understand what you are taking about.

White Space: Make sure to not crowd the blog with too many words. Use the white space to your advantage.


Get Your Blog Out There


If you want people to see your blog you need to be your own marketer. Add categories and hashtags to your blog, the more the better. This will allow more people to come in contact with your blog.


Remember you are the creator and can do whatever you want with this blog. Now get creative and start posting.



-Elliott Fowler

The Final Stretch- College Addition

Halloween has come and gone. The decorations are being put up, candy is on sale, and kids are running around classrooms hyped up on sugar. November is officially here and fall is in full swing. Every college student knows that it is now officially crunch time. The end of the semester is coming fast, and you are freaking out because you still have no clue what is going on in class. Let us take some time and go over how to survive the end of the semester.


Plan It Out


Dig around in the bottom of your backpack and pull out those syllabi your professors gave you the first day of classes. Wipe the dust off your planner and open it for the first time. Take each syllabi and write in your planner when each assignment is due. This will help you 1. Not forget any assignments and 2. Plan ahead. Now go through each assignment in your planner and mark off when each assignment needs to be started in order to finish everything on time. Check your planner every day and get to work.


Get a Pump In


Working out is a great stress reliever. Go for a run, lift some weights, play basketball, just get up and move. If you are anything like me I get glued to what I need to accomplish and stress myself out way too much. Take some time to work the stress out.


Eat and sleep

One of the best things you can do for yourself is eat healthy and get proper sleep. Do not run yourself dry because you will not be effective at all, especially when finals week comes around. Make sure you are taking care of yourself.


Relax And Have Some Fun


At the end of the day one grade will not make your break your future. Take some time to kick back with your friends and take a load off. This will give you a break from everything so you do not drive yourself crazy.


Now you have the tools you need to end the semester strong. Remember to stay focused but do not run yourself dry.


-Elliott Fowler

Last Minute Costume

It is the week before Halloween and you know what that means. It is time for all you procrastinators to get a last minute costume together. In this post I am going to give some examples of great last minuet costumes anyone can put together using things you find around your house.

The office


What you need: khakis, white long sleeve button up shirt, a tie and 3 black circles and tape.

The classic 3-hole punch Jim. This come from the TV series The Office. This is great for an office party or a group of friends who loves The Office. If you do not have black construction paper for the 3 circles then color in a piece of paper with a black marker.




What you need: White sheet, rope or leather strap and sandals.

No this is not a toga party, but remember it is last minuet and you are desperate. Grab the white sheet off your bed and you are good to go.


Black Eye P


What you need: White T shirt, black marker (washable) or make up

This simple but catchy outfit will cause plenty of laughs. So easy it could be created in the car on the way to the party. Find a plain white T-shirt and a marker and your costume is 2 minuets from completion. If you do not want to ruin a white t-shirt, then cut a P out of construction paper and tape it on. Another alternative to putting make up on your face is a black marker (make sure it is washable).


Rosie The Riveter


What you need: Long sleeve denim button up, red headband, jeans, boots and red lipstick.

This one is for the ladies…. And men who are super desperate. The iconic Rosie the Riveter picture is one that people still recognize to this day.


Now go out and impress people with your last minuet costume skills.

-Elliott Fowler

Halloween- Pumpkins Pumpkins Pumpkins

It is that time of year again. The time when the trees start changing colors, the temperature starts dropping, and the days start getting shorter. This all means one thing… Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than carving pumpkins. Do not be a Halloween Scrooge and avoid the holiday, join right in the fun.

Find The Right Pumpkin


The fun starts immediately with finding a pumpkin. Do not be boring and go to your local food mart. Make a trip of it and go to a pumpkin patch. Do not know of any, do not worry. Go on google and type in “Local pumpkin patch” and a few should pop up.

Plan It Out


Some people want to set the pumpkin down and start digging in and carving right away. I suggest taking a few moments to prepare and plan. Before carving anything I recommend laying down newspaper and getting the trashcan ready… it is going to get messy.

Gut It


Here is when it starts to get real messy. Cut off the top and pull out all the pumpkin guts. Some people try to use spoons, but if we are being honest it is more fun and effective to use your hands.

What To Carve


Maybe it is the classic pumpkin with triangle eyes and a big crooked-tooth smile. Or maybe you want to go a little more technical. If that be the case go on google and type in “Pumpkin Carving Stencils.” Print out the picture you decide on and tape it onto the pumpkin. Take a thumbtack and poke holes into the pumpkin, outlining all the black.

Carving Time


Its finally time. If you wanted to do a classic pumpkin, draw it on the pumpkin and start cutting away. If you want to do a more technical pumpkin start cutting out the different shapes you poked into the pumpkin. Use the paper as a reference to make sure you don’t cut out the wrong part and have to start all over.


It is the moment of truth. Put a candle in it and put it on the front porch. Now you can enjoy Halloween without being the neighborhood Scrooge.

-Elliott Fowler

Communication to Professors

Communicating is a skill that everyone needs in order to function in everyday life. But what about when it comes to communicating through e-mail. Not just an e-mail to anyone, but to someone in an authority position, such as a college professor. Coming to college I had never sent an e-mail in my life. I had no clue how to structure it, what to say, or even how to address my professors. I do not want you to have the same problems I had.



Start by properly addressing the e-mail to your professor. NEVER use Mr., Mrs., or Ms. ALWAYS refer to them as Dr. First of all this shows respect to your professor and second it is professional. If you are not sure if they are a Dr. then an easy escape is to refer to them as Professor “so-and-so”.



Never use texting lingo. Always spell the full word or phrase out. THIS IS A MUST. If you use texting lingo it shows your professor that you do not care and some professors may not even respond.



When writing about your reason for e-mailing them try to be straight and to the point. This helps cut down on possible confusion and makes it easier on the professor. If it is longer than a paragraph it might be something you need to schedule a meeting with them about.

How to end


In short a “thank you for your time” followed by a “Sincerely so-and-so” raps it up nice. Professors are busy so thanking them for taking the time to help you goes a long way. After you write your name put what class you have with them and the section. Teachers often have 100s of students and it is hard to keep up. A refresher of who you are and what class you are in helps out a lot.

Follow Up


Make sure you follow up once you get a response and get whatever information you are looking for. This can be a simple, ” Thank you for the help with_______, I look forward to seeing you in class.”


Now it is time to impress your teacher and get some brownie points. Sometimes the little things may impress your teacher and result in a grade being bumped up.

-Elliott Fowler

How to- Speeches

Time and time again it is said that public speaking is only second to death in terms of what people are most scared of. As a Communication Major I present a lot of speeches and I get it, it can be scary, but his does not mean it has to stay this way. What steps need to be taken to not only give you the confidence to speak publicly, but make sure you do a good job.



Just like when you make an outline for a paper you are going to make an outline for the speech. A great place to start would be Google. Just type in “speech outline examples” and 100s will pop up. Use this as a reference to write your speech outline.

2. Reading outline

This is very similar to your outline, except you are going to write out word for word what you are going to say. This should not be written like a paper, it should be written like you would speak.

3. Practice


The best way to hone in on your speak and make sure you get it right is to practice. The key to practicing is to not practice by yourself. Have a friend or family member watch you and get feedback from them. Another great tool is to watch yourself in the mirror, or my personal favorite is to record yourself. Watch how you present your speech and critique it.

4. Verbals and Nonverbals

As you practice watch your verbals and nonverbals. How is your posture, are you slouched are you looking at the crowd. Also be watching your tone of voice, uhs and ups, along with not b being mono toned.

5. Speaking notes


Prepare one page, yes only ONE page of notes with words written big and highlighted bright colors. This should be the extent of what you speak from. If you use your reading notes you will sound like a robot and everyone will tone you out. If you use speaking notes with key words and phrases written down to jog your memory, your speech will sound much more natural.

6. Practice some more


Practice practice practice!!! practice makes perfect.

7. Dress the part


Lastly dress the part. Make sure you are wearing the right attire for the type of speech you will be given. Dressing up shows professionalism and you want people to take you serious if you want them to listen to what you have to say.


Now you have all the pieces. Put them together and go give the people what they want… a great speech!


-Elliott Fowler

How To- Home addition

The housing market it H.O.T. HOT HOT HOT right now. Houses are flying off the market left and right and there is no slowing down in sight. What does this mean for you? Well if you are thinking about moving now is a great time to do so. What should you do when looking for a new place? Budget, Location, Size, and Personal Taste

1. Budget Budget Budget


Before touring a home or even searching online, sit down and set a budget!!! The single most important part is buy within your means. Do not stretch yourself too thin. This will make living in the house miserable 1. you will be worrying about paying off the house and 2. you will not be able to enjoy the little things because all extra money goes towards the house. 3. It could cause a bad snowball effect of going into debt. Think ahead, what if I loose may job, will we have money for our kids college etc…

2.Location Location Location


Arguably one of the most important parts of home buying is the location of your home. If you don’t like the area you live in you will not like your home. Not only what does the area look like but where exactly is the house located. Think about your commute to work, to the grocery story, family in town and so on.

3. Size Matters


Not only does location matter but the size of the house needs to fit the size of your family. If you have 1 kid a smaller house will work, if you have 5 kids you may need to reconsider, if you have no kids but want kids think through this.

4. Personal Taste


Lastly you need to enjoy your home and have it meet your personal style. These are the little things like having an island in the kitchen, garage parking/ street parking, color of the house, town house vs ranch and so on. Make sure it fits you!

With that being said… go get you a new home!!!

-Elliott Fowler