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How To- Home addition

The housing market it H.O.T. HOT HOT HOT right now. Houses are flying off the market left and right and there is no slowing down in sight. What does this mean for you? Well if you are thinking about moving now is a great time to do so. What should you do when looking for a new place? Budget, Location, Size, and Personal Taste

1. Budget Budget Budget


Before touring a home or even searching online, sit down and set a budget!!! The single most important part is buy within your means. Do not stretch yourself too thin. This will make living in the house miserable 1. you will be worrying about paying off the house and 2. you will not be able to enjoy the little things because all extra money goes towards the house. 3. It could cause a bad snowball effect of going into debt. Think ahead, what if I loose may job, will we have money for our kids college etc…

2.Location Location Location


Arguably one of the most important parts of home buying is the location of your home. If you don’t like the area you live in you will not like your home. Not only what does the area look like but where exactly is the house located. Think about your commute to work, to the grocery story, family in town and so on.

3. Size Matters


Not only does location matter but the size of the house needs to fit the size of your family. If you have 1 kid a smaller house will work, if you have 5 kids you may need to reconsider, if you have no kids but want kids think through this.

4. Personal Taste


Lastly you need to enjoy your home and have it meet your personal style. These are the little things like having an island in the kitchen, garage parking/ street parking, color of the house, town house vs ranch and so on. Make sure it fits you!

With that being said… go get you a new home!!!

-Elliott Fowler


How to do a Job Interview

Job interviews are easily the most important part of the job finding process. First impressions are everything and this is often the first time the potential employer meets you. So in short DONT mess it up. Now with that out of the way, how do you not mess it up and stand out from the other candidates for the job?



Research the job you are interested in. If you are serious about getting this job then get to know what the business is about. Not only is this good for you to know, it makes you appear interested and stand out amongst your competing candidates.

2. Dress up


This sounds like common sense but you would be surprised. For men a suit is ideal and for ladies pants and coat, or skirts is what would be preferred. No boat shoes or tennis shoes. You want dress shoes and high heels. Also come well-groomed and hide body piercings and tattoos.

3. Practice


Go online and type in “typical interview questions. ” This will give you an idea of the types of questions you may be asked. Practice answering these in a mirror. Yes a mirror. This way you can watch how you present yourself and easily correct posture and non verbals.

4. Come with questions


This will really make you stand out. The interview should be 2-way, just as must as they are figuring out if they want to hire you, you need to figure out if its a good fit for you.

Now you are ready to rock and roll and get that dream job!

-Elliott Fowler

What to do in Louisville?

I have lived in Louisville for my whole life but it was not until recently that I actually came to enjoy my city. Yes you have the bourbon, horse racing, and big baseball bats…but everyone knows about that, what are the hidden jewels about Louisville Kentucky! What are the untouched places that only locals know about.

1.Climb Nulu16754470708_914e315288_k

Whether you are a first time climber, or an expert climber, Climb Nulu is perfect for you. Come challange your strength and precision trying 100s of ever-changing routs at the state of the art indoor climbing facility. No climbing shoes no problem… rent them for $2, no climbing chalk no problem… barrow some at Nulu for free, no harness or ropes no problem… it is bouldering!

2. Steel City PopsVaried Dipped Pops 2

Head to Bardstown road, kick back and relax on a hot summer day with a gourmet popsicle. YES GOURMET!!! Have your pop dipped in chocolate and covered in Oreo pieces, or grab yourself a blackberry pop made with real blackberries. All ingredients are natural and local!

3. Waterfront Wednesday


Come on down to the waterfront (on the river) where the last wednesday of every month (during the summer) is a live free music festival. Yes I just said FREE!!! Make sure you check the weather because it is outdoors.

4. 4th Street LiveKix Brooks 9_800.jpg

If you are looking for a late night out on the town then 4th Street Live is the place for you. 4th street is closed off so no cars can come through and has a roof so you don’t have to worry about the weather. Walk from bar to bar, restaurant to restaurant and even get a few games of bowling in along the way. With 15+ different venues something is always happing as 4th street stays LIVE!



-Elliott Fowler

Couch Potato to 5K Finisher

New Years resolutions, we do them every year and 2 weeks later they are a memory of the past. Lets change this unpopular trend and stick to what we said we would do. So couch potatoes, yes you with the bag of chips, it is time to get up and get heathy. According to NBC news getting healthy was the top new years resolution searched for 2017. Its almost September so what better time than now to start accomplishing those new years resolutions.

Step 1. Put down that bag of chips


The first step is eat healthy. Working out is a great way to get heathy but the most important part of fitness is what you eat. If you work out and got home to stuff your face then you just defeated the whole purpose of woking out. A great rule of thumb is lots of bright colors and make sure you have a variety. This applies to fruits, vegetables and meats Ex: green salads and broccoli , red apples and peppers, orange carrots and sweet potatoes, white chicken and fish. Look for bright colors!

Step 2. Find a friend

Finding motivation can be hard so ask around and find a friend who also wants to get heathy. This not only make fitness a little more fun but it holds you accountable. Now you can push each other and if you miss a day you are not only letting yourself down but you also let them down. This helps insure you follow through with your commitment to get fit

Step 3: Set some goals

Getting heathy can be a long process and it gets very discouraging when you don’t meet your goal in a month. Set a long term goal, an end goal of where you want to be one day. Then set some small goals that are very achievable. The large goal is off in the distance but the smaller goals help push you along the way. This could be as small as, eat heathy for a week straight, go to the gym for a week straight, or even lose 5 pounds my first month. Think small and achievable.

Step 4: Get off the couch


You are eating right, you have a friend to push you,  you have some goals now its up to you to get up off that couch. In the end it comes down to you doing what you have to do and it will not come easy. You get what you put in, there are no participation trophies here. Get up, get heathy and in no time you will be finishing a 5K, just remember it is up to you and in your hands.

-Elliott Fowler